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These Terms and Conditions are automated translations of the German version. In case of misunderstanding or wrong translation the original German Version will out rule this translation. The German Terms and Conditions are always the base of every contract. The translation is just seen as an informational service.


Data protection explanation for the Hotel Flämischer Hof Betriebsgesellschaft mbh



We are glad about your interest in our enterprise and our products. The protection of personal data is to us an especially important concern which we consider in our commercial processes. Data protection and security of information are a component of our enterprise politics. 


With the following information we give you on the one hand an overview about the processing of your personal data on our website ( as well as about the processing of your personal data on our enterprise side on the social network Facebook ( and your rights from the valid data protection right. 


§1 Definitions


(1) „Personal data“ are all information which refers to an identified or identifiable natural person, so, for example, names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses which are an expression of the identity of a person.


(2) "Processing" means every manual or automated process in connection with personal data like raising, grasping, the organisation, ordering, the storage, the adaptation, the change, which selections, the queries, the use, the disclosure by transmission, spreading or supply, the comparison, the linking, the restriction, the extinguishing or the destruction.


(3) "Profiling" calls every kind of the automated processing of personal data which consists in the fact that these personal data are used to value the certain personal aspects which refer to a natural person, in particular to analyse aspects with regard to efficiency, economic situation, health, personal predilections, interests, reliability, behaviour, place of residence or change of location of this natural person or to predict. 


(4) "Person responsible" is the natural or legal entity, authority, equipment or other place which decides alone or together with others on the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.


(5) "Order manufacturer" is processed a natural or legal entity, authority, equipment or other place, the personal data by order of the person responsible.


(6) "Receiver" is a natural or legal entity, authority, equipment or other place to which personal data are disclosed, no matter whether it concerns with her a third or not. 


(7) "Third" is a natural or legal entity, authority, equipment or other place except the affected person, the person responsible, the order manufacturer and the people who are authorised under the immediate responsibility of the person responsible or the order manufacturer to process the personal data.


§2 Responsibility

Responsibly for the data processing according to article. 4 No. 7 EU data protection-basic order (DSGVO) is that

Hotel Flämischer Hof Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Flämischestraße 4

24103 Kiel

+49 (0) 431 93092


§3 Processing of personal data 


(1) Informatorischer visit of our website


(a) by the call of our website are sent by the browser being used on your terminal automatically information to the server of our website. This information becomes temporary in a so-called. Log file stored. Besides, the following Informati-onen are grasped without your closing and are stored up to the automatic deletion:


- External IP address of the asking for browser,

- Date and time of the access,

- URL of the call,

- Referrer-URL from from the call occurs (e.g., from an other website),

- used browser (including used operating system).

(b) The called data are processed by us to the to be followed purposes:

- Guarantee of a free from problems connecting construction of the website,

- Guarantee of a comfortable use of our website,

- Evaluation of the system security and system stability.


(c) in no case we use the upraised data for the purpose to pull conclusions on your person.


(2) Room / availability query


If you question on the availability of a room on our website, we process no personal data of you.


(3) Online reservation 


If you book on our web page a room, we process your personal data for the purpose of the realisation of precontractual measures and then (if necessary) to the performance of the hire contract as well as to the Durchfüh-rung with it of being connected services. For the inquiry or the contract end is necessary that you call a valid e-mail address, given name and name, birthday, street, house number, place, zip code and phone to us. The information of the precalled data is obliging for the reservation. About that out you can transmit to us voluntarily a mobile phone number and passport copy information. Legal basis for the data processing is article. 6 paragraphs 1 lighted. b) DSGVO.

(4) Applicant's management


Within the scope of the application with us your data are stored for the purpose of the application management and are processed. Relevant personal data in the application process can be: Name Given name address Title, Address data, Contact data, Natal date, Curriculum vitae, Reports, IP address. Legal basis for the data processing is article. 6 paragraphs 1 lighted. a) and / or b) DSGVO.


§4 Source


(1) We receive the personal data regularly within the scope of inquiries, (before) contractual measures and applications from our prospective customers, tenants, contract partners and applicants ourselves. In addition, we process personal Da-ten which we have received from banks, credit inquiry agencies (e.g., SCHUFA), to application services, other Official-quietly-tern, to tax advisers, lawyers, archive service providers and transmission service providers, software suppliers and state places (for example, financial administrations, courts, state bar and police) allowed-wise (e.g., for the implementation of orders, to the fulfilment of contracts or on account of an approval given by you).


(2) Besides we process personal data which we have won from publicly zugängli-chen springs (e.g., debtor's lists, land registers, commercial registers and association registers, press, media, Internet) allowed-wise and may process.


§5 Processing purposes and legal argument situations


We process the called personal data in the harmony with Bestimmun to the DSGVO and the federal data protection act (BDSG):


(1) To the fulfilment of contractual duties and precontractual measures, article 6 paragraph 1 lighted. b) DSGVO


The processing of personal data occurs 


- to the fulfilment of hire contracts and services within the scope of the realisation of the suitable contracts or for the realisation of precontractual measures which occur on your inquiry as well as for the management of our objects,

- for the realisation of application procedure.  

You can take the other details for the purpose of the data processing from the respective contract documents and our terms of business.

(2) Within the scope of the interest consideration, articles 6 paragraph 1 lighted. f) DSGVO

So far necessarily, we process your data after the real fulfilment of the contract for the protection to legitimate interests of ourselves or third. Examples:

- Answer and treatment of prospective customer's inquiries,

- Data exchange with service providers to the fulfilment of existing contracts and for the improvement of future contractual relationships,

- Provision of special achievements beyond the fulfilment of the real hire contract,

- Check and optimisation of procedure to the demand analysis and to the Kundenakquise,

- Assertion of juridical claims and defence with juridical disputes,

- Guarantee of the (IT-) security and the (IT-) company as well as an undisturbed and peaceful living,

- Measures to the commercial price increase and advancement of services.

(3) On account of your approval, article. 6 paragraphs 1 lighted. a) DSGVO


As far as you have given an approval of the processing of personal data for certain purposes, possibly for the contract realisation to us, the legality of this processing is given on the basis of her approval. A given approval can be revoked any time. This is also valid for the cancellation of approval explanations which have been given before the validity of the DSGVO, so before the 25th of May, 2018, us towards. Please, note that the cancellation works only for the future. The processings which have occurred before the cancellation are not concerned by it. 


(4) On account of legal default, article. 6 paragraphs 1 lighted. c) DSGVO


As a corporation we are defeated by some juridical obligations, that is we are obliged to protect certain legal demands (e.g., of the commercial code or the tax laws). Hence, we also process their personal data, provided that this is necessary to the fulfilment of our legal duties (to the memory duration see §13). 


§6 Passing on of personal data 


(1) External service providers were selected by us carefully and were instructed, are bound to our instructions and are controlled regularly by us. We work according to article. 28 paragraphs 1 DSGVO only with sucked. To the order manufacturers together who enough offer Garan-tien for the fact that suitable technical and organizational measures become so durchge-führt that the processing is occurred in the harmony with the legal regulations and the protection of your data is guaranteed.


(2) Receivers of personal data can be: Application services, credit inquiry agencies (e.g., SCHUFA), archive service provider and transmission service provider, other service providers, lawyers, notary publics, software suppliers and state places (for example, financial administration, courts, public prosecutor's office and police).


§7 Transmission of personal data in a third country or to an international organisation


A data transmission in countries beyond the EU or EEA (sucked. Third countries) does not take place basically and, moreover, only, as far as this is prescribed for the implementation of your orders necessarily, legally, you have given to us an approval or the Über-mittlung is necessary for the protection of our legitimate interests and your interests or fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms which require the protection of personal data, do not predominate. If service providers are used in the third country, these suitable Ga-rantien have according to article. 46 paragraphs 2 lighted. a) to f) or paragraph 3 lighted. a) and b) DSGVO for the observance of the data protection level in Europe intended or the data transmission occurs on the basis of a propriety decision according to article. 45 DSGVO.


§8 Videosurveillance

(1) To be able to grant to you a sure stay in our Hostel, some areas are videosupervised in our Hostel. Used halls, stairwells, kitchens, fitness rooms, camp rooms and laundry rooms as well as other common rooms count to the videosupervised areas exclusively collectively. A videosupervision in rented (sleep) rooms does not take place. Before all supervised areas a sign of information which you can recognise with the help of the illustrated camera symbol is right.


(2) The videosupervision occurs on account of our legitimate interest, in particular for the protection of our house right, the prevention of burglaries, thefts and Vanda-lismus. The video supervision arrangement is pursued exclusively to the clarification and prevention by criminal offences. The recordings are not passed on into three parts and are extinguished after a duration of at the latest four weeks automatically. Legal basis for the data processing is article. 6 paragraphs 1 lighted. f) DSGVO.


§9 Use of cookies


(1) This website uses cookies as well as cookies of third suppliers.


(2) With the used cookies it concerns permanent cookies. They become turns to recognise visitor's pattern for a longer period better or to offer zusätz-liche functions for which you have requested in connection with the Personalisierung of our web side and with stored contents. They can remain according to function 24 Standing, one week or up to one year on your computer stored. This means that these cookies also after closing the browser exist can remain and be used in addition by our web page to recognise your computer by the erneu-ten start of the browser. 


(3) They can fix about the cookie management of your browser which kinds of cookies you would like to accept or decline. Because the activation and Deaktivierung of cookies occurs in every browser in different way, find out in the help menu of your browser how you can administer the cookie settings. They can put your browser, moreover, in such a way that then he informs you always when you receive a cookie. Therefore you yourselves can decide whether you accept the cookie or not. We point out you to the fact that you can use in this case if necessary not all functions of our web page completely.

§10 application of Google Analytics


(1) Google undertaking ("Google") uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service this website. Google Analytics uses so-called„ Cookies“, text files which are stored on your computer and which allow an analysis of the use of the website by you. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website is transferred as a rule to a server by Google in the USA and is stored there. In case of the activation of the IP-Anonymisierung on this website, your IP address is shortened by Google, nevertheless, within member states of the European Union or in other signatories of the agreement about the European economic area before. Only in special cases the full IP address is transferred to a server by Google in the USA and is shortened there. By order of the operator of this website Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website to put together of report about the website activities and to he-bring linked services towards the website operator next with the website use and the Internet use.


(2) Within the scope of Google Analytics of your browser transmitted IP address is not brought together with other data by Google.


(3) They can prevent the storage of the cookies by a suitable setting of your browser software; we point out you, nevertheless, to the fact that you cannot use all functions of this website in this case if necessary completely. In addition, they can prevent the capture by the cookie generated and on your Nut-zung of the website to referring data (incl. your IP address) in Google as well as the Verarbei-tung of these data by Google, while they download the browser plug-in verfüg-bare under the following link and instal:


(4) This website uses Google Analytics with the enlargement „_anonymizeIP ()“. Thereby are processed IP-addresses shortened, a Personenbeziehbarkeit can be excluded with it. As far as a personal relation comes up to the data upraised about you, this is excluded immediately and the personal data are extinguished with it immediately.


(5) We use Google Analytics to be able to improve able to analyse the use of our website and to be able to improve regularly. About the won statistics we can improve our offer and form more interesting for you as a user. For the cases in which person-related data are transferred in the USA Google has submitted to the EU US Privacy Shield, Legal basis for the Nut-zung of Google Analytics is article. 6 paragraphs 1 sentence 1 lighted. f) DS-GVO.


(6) Information of the third supplier: Google Dublin, Google Ireland Ltd., Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Irishman's country, fax: 353 (1) 436 1001. User's terms:, overview to the data protection:, as well as the data protection explanation:


§11 Integration of Google Maps


(1) On our website we use the offer of Google Maps, the supplier of interactive maps from the Google-enterprise group ("Google"). Thereby we can indicate you an interactive map directly on the website and allow to you a komfor-table use of the map function.


(2) By the visit on the website Google receives the information that you have called the entspre-chende underside of our website. Besides, are transmitted under §2 paragraph 1 of this explanation to called data. This occurs no matter whether Google provides a user's account about which you are logged in, or whether no user's account exists. If you are logged in in Google, your data are assigned directly to your account. If you do not wish the allocation with your profile in Google, you must log off before activation of the badge. Google stores your data as profiles of utilisation and uses them for the purposes of the advertisement, market research and/or meeting demand creation of his website. Such an evaluation occurs in particular (even for not logged in users) to the performance of meeting demand advertisement and to inform other users of the social network about your activities on our website. A contradiction right is entitled to you against the education of these user's profiles and you must be directed for the exercise of the contradiction right immediately at Google.


(3) You receive further information for purpose and extent of the survey and her processing by the plug-in supplier in the data protection explanations of the supplier. There you also receive further information about your relevant rights and setting possibilities for the protection of your privacy: For the cases in which personal Da-ten are transferred in the USA Google has submitted to the EU US Privacy Shield,


§12 enterprise sides on social networks


We also maintain an enterprise side on the social network Facebook ( around with the customers active there, intereating ducks and users (in the following together: To be able to inform able to communicate visitor) and to be able to inform them there about our products and achievements.


In a visit of our enterprise side in Facebook become from the social network Facebook (Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Irishman countries) possibly above the application of cookie personal data of the Besu-cher raised. Such a survey of the social network Facebook can also occur with visitors of the enterprise sides who with the social network einge-loggt or are not registered.


You find information about the survey and other processing by the social network Facebook in the data protection tips of Face-book:;;


Which user data the social network Facebook grasps, Flemish court company society mbh cannot understand the hotel. Also Flemish court company society mbh no full-extensive access to the grasped data or your profile data has the hotel. The hotel Flemish court company society mbh can see only the public Informatio-nen of your profile. You decide on the concrete public information in each case in your settings on the social network Facebook. In addition, you do not have to hide the possibility your "Likes" actively or an enterprise side any more to fol. gene. Then your profile does not appear any more in the list of the fans or followers of this enterprise side.


The hotel Flemish court company society mbh receives from Facebook anonymous Statisti-ken for the use and use of the enterprise side. Legal argument situations for the Nut-zung of the statistical data is article. 6 paragraphs 1 p. 1 lighted. f) DSGVO. Concerning the enterprise side in Facebook ( controllers of addendum ( are together responsible the hotel Flemish court company society mbh and the Facebook Ireland Ltd on account of the so-called page for the processing of the statistical data according to the possible specifications of the page controller of addendum.


The following information is provided as statistical data, for example:


- Fans / followers: Number to the people who follow the enterprise side the hotel Flemish court company society mbh in Facebook – including increases and Entwick-lung about a defined time frame.

- Reach: Number to the people who see a specific contribution. Number of the interactions on a contribution. From it can be derived, for example which contents come in the community better than others. 

- Display performance: What does cost the hotel Flemish court company society mbh a click? How many people have seen a display? 

- Demography: Average age of the visitors, gender, place of residence, language.


We use these statistics from which we can pull no conclusion on individual users for it, around our online offer on the social network improve Facebook constantly too and on the interests of the visitors better to come. We can tie together the statisti-schen data not with the profile data of our visitors. They can decide on your settings on the social network Facebook about that in which form to you purposeful advertisement is indicated. 


The hotel Flemish court company society mbh receives Face-book personal data on the social network if you inform of this actively about personal news us. We use your data (e.g., given name, name, user name, e-mail address) for the answer of your concern. Their data become up to the fulfilment of this purpose gespei-chert. 


§13 Processing and memory duration of the personal data


We process and store your personal data as long as it for the purposes for which they are raised or are processed in other manner, inevitably, in particular so long it is necessary for the fulfilment of our contractual and legal duties. Nevertheless, already before the legal safekeeping duties we can carry out an Ein-schränkung of the processing.


With the data storage to the fulfilment of legal duties are valid the in particular following terms:


- according to §257 paragraph 4 HGB, 147 paragraphs 3 AO: 10 years for commercial books and reservation documents, beginning with the end of the calendar year in which the last Ein-tragung was made in the commercial book,

- according to §257 paragraph 4 HGB, 147 paragraphs 3 AO: 6 years for commercial letters beginning with the end of the calendar year in which the last registration was made in the commercial book,

- according to §8 paragraph 4 GWG: 5 years for money-laundering-juridically relevant recordings and other documents, beginning with the end of the calendar year in which the business connection ends.


§14 data protection rights


They have the following rights towards us:


To require information about your personal data processed by us, article. 15 DSGVO. In particular you can become information about the processing purposes, the category of the personal data, the categories by receivers, opponent to those your data were disclosed or, the planned memory duration, the existence of a right on correction, deletion, restriction of the processing or contradiction, the existence of a complaint right, the origin of her data, provided that these were not raised with us, as well as about the existence of an automated decision-making, including Profiling, ask;

- to require immediately the correction more inaccurately or complement of your personal data ge-speicherten with us, article. 16 DSGVO;

- to require the deletion of your personal data stored by us, untill the processing is necessary for the exercise of the right on freedom of speech and information, to the fulfilment of a juridical obligation, for reasons of the öf-fentlichen interest or for the assertion, exercise or defence of legal entitlements, article. 17 DSGVO;

- to require the restriction of the processing of your personal data, as far as the correctness of the data is denied by you who is wrongful processing, however, you reject their deletion and us do not need the data any more benöti gene, you, nevertheless, this for the assertion, exercise or defence of legal entitlements or you according to article. 21 contradictions DSGVO against the processing have inserted, article. 18 DSGVO;

- their personal data which you have provided to us to receive in struktu-rierten, current and machine-readable format and to require the transmission to another person responsible, article. 20 DSGVO;

- to revoke their once given approval any time towards us, article. 7 paragraphs 3 DS-GVO. This entails that we may not continue the data processing which is based on this Einwilli-gung for the future any more;

- in case of an automated decision (Profiling) the right on statement of own position and on challenge of the decision, article. 22 paragraphs 3 DSGVO;

- to complain at a supervisory authority, article. 77 DSGVO. As a rule you can turn for this to the supervisory authority of your usual place of residence or working place or our enterprise seat.


§15 Need of the supply of data


Within the scope of a Kunden-/business connection you must provide to us those person-related data which are necessary for their admission and realisation and to the fulfilment of the contractual duties linked with it and are obliged / or to their elevation we legally, article. 13 paragraphs 2 e) DSGVO. Without these data we will have to reject as a rule the end of a contract or the implementation of an order or not be able to do an existing contract any more carried out, so that this must become if necessary been-det.


§16 Automated decision-making (including Profiling)


An automated decision-making (including Profiling) according to article. 22 DSGVO does not take place. 


§17 Actuality and change of this data protection explanation


This data protection explanation has the state January, 2019. By the advancement of our website and offers or on account of changed legal or behördli-cher default it can become necessary to change this data protection explanation. You can call away the in each case topical data protection explanation any time on our website under print out.

Information about your contradiction right according to the article 21 DSGVO


1. Isolated case-related contradiction right


They have the right, for reasons of which arise from your special situation, any time against the processing you of concerning personal data, on the basis of article. 6 paragraphs 1 letters e or and the following DSGVO occurs to insert contradiction; this is also valid for a Profiling supported on this regulation in terms of article. 4 paragraphs 4 DSGVO.


Insert contradiction, we will not process your personal data any more, unless, we can prove compelling protective-worthy reasons for the Ver-arbeitung which predominate to your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing serves the assertion, exercise or defence of legal entitlements.


2. Contradiction right against the processing of data for advertising purposes


In isolated cases we process your personal data to pursue direct advertising. They have the right to insert any time contradiction against the processing you of concerning personal data for the purpose of such advertisement; this is also valid for the Profiling, as far as it stands with such direct advertising in connection.


If you contradict the processing for these purposes, we will not process your person-related data any more for these purposes.


3. Contradiction right against the processing for scientific or his-torischen research purposes or for statistical purposes


They have the right, for reasons of which arise from your special situation against which you occur concerning processing you of concerning personal data, the too scientific or historical research purposes or for sta-tistischen research purposes according to article 89 paragraph 1 DSGVO to insert against saying, unless, the processing is necessary to the fulfilment of a job lying in the öffentli-chen interest.

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